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Posts tagged "Divorce"

When High Asset Means High Conflict

If you and your spouse are approaching divorce, you need good information and experienced legal counsel to preserve your wealth and emotional well-being. Obviously, the fewer conflicts that arise throughout your divorce, the better it is for your family, fortune and future. But many parties - particularly those with high-value assets - are unable to avoid conflict when it comes to the details of their divorce. How do they overcome contentious disputes while protecting their finances and considering their best interests and those of their children?

Determining Whether the Collaborative Divorce Process is Right for You

There's a famous cartoon featuring a rock, scissors and paper entitled "Can't we all just get along?" Fortunately, in many Connecticut divorces, the answer to that question is yes, due to an innovative process called collaborative divorce.

The Role of Business Asset Valuation During Divorce

If you're contemplating a divorce and you or your spouse owns a business, that business is a marital asset subject to distribution by the court. A lawyer experienced in business valuation and distribution can assist you in receiving your fair share of the business.


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