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How often do fathers see their children after divorce?

Are you a father heading toward a divorce? If so, your primary concern may be how often you get to see your children after the split. You may feel confident that things will work out financially, and you may have asked for the divorce, so it's what you want, but you worry that you will lose time with your children.

The key to co-parenting: Shared intent and effort

Co-parenting, or working with your ex to parent your children after a divorce, can get very complicated. The two of you no longer live together and you may not be on good terms. All the same, you need to work together, communicate and coordinate your lives. Doing so successfully is in your children's best interests, and it's a necessity if you have court-ordered joint custody.

Keeping Child Discipline Consistent Between Divorced Parents

One of the most significant challenges divorced parents face is figuring how they can maintain consistent discipline and expectations for their children, especially if the kids split time between the two parents' homes. It's common for disputes to arise, for example, when one parent has different standards than the other.


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