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Taking Care of Business: Harold Hamm Holds on to Continental Resources

Divorce can affect how a company is owned and operated. Recently, an Oklahoma judge ruled that billionaire Harold Hamm can retain his controlling interest in Continental Resources, a company he founded in 1967.

Modifying Divorce Orders in Connecticut

Even carefully crafted divorce agreements and orders are not immune to life changes. An economic downturn or upturn, children growing up, new relationships and other circumstances may make it necessary to review agreed-upon support and custody arrangements. When that happens, it is important to understand how post-judgment modifications work.

Settled: The High-Asset Divorce of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

While high-stakes celebrity divorce cases make good tabloid fodder, they also offer an informative glimpse into how individuals work out fair agreements while in the glare of the public spotlight. Public or private, high-net-worth couples have similar concerns as they work through divorce.

When High Asset Means High Conflict

If you and your spouse are approaching divorce, you need good information and experienced legal counsel to preserve your wealth and emotional well-being. Obviously, the fewer conflicts that arise throughout your divorce, the better it is for your family, fortune and future. But many parties - particularly those with high-value assets - are unable to avoid conflict when it comes to the details of their divorce. How do they overcome contentious disputes while protecting their finances and considering their best interests and those of their children?

Determining Whether the Collaborative Divorce Process is Right for You

There's a famous cartoon featuring a rock, scissors and paper entitled "Can't we all just get along?" Fortunately, in many Connecticut divorces, the answer to that question is yes, due to an innovative process called collaborative divorce.

Distributing Pension, Retirement Benefits and Other Assets During Divorce

Connecticut is referred to as an "all-property equitable distribution" state. Pursuant to Connecticut statutes, the court will consider several factors in determining a fair, but not necessarily equal, division of all assets, earnings and debts.


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